Rodrigo Poblete | Lapsus Dei

Guitarist | Genre: Metal

“The Thomastik Power Brights strings are in my life for many years, and really are one of best guitar strings in the world, well above other brands. Thomastik strives in giving us a great quality and the best technology for our best performance, either live stage or studio recordings. The Magnecore is perfect for me and my pH problems!".

Rodrigo was born in Paris, France, November 1977.  And since he was a child, always had music in his veins. He left France in 1983, to go live to the end of the world, Chile. Poblete studied Classical Guitar and Musical Composition at the age of 14 years old, in the National Music Conservatory of Valdivia (Chile), from 1991 to 1997.

Playing for 16 years in Lapsus Dei, with which he has visited almost all Countries of South America.

Today he also has a band called “Delirium Projekt”, and “Animvs Mortis”.

Rodrigo Poblete worked for the Chilean Government in charge of art projects. And he won many projects such as:

-Create the Symphonic Orchestra of the Nueva Imperial city.

-Creating the Chilean Organization of Musicians from the Frontier.

-Create a lot of projects related to poetry, art, music and theater.


Also, Poblete is a columnist of one of most important metal zines in South America: With this works, and many releases over the years and a lot of concerts in several countries, he had the honour of going slowly transforming in a good referent for sound, professionalism, and high musical quality.

Rodrigo uses Thomastik Infeld Power Brights strings, Soldano Jet City head amps, LTD Eclipse guitars; Rocktron, Biyang, DoD and Ernie Ball pedals, Sommer Cables


2001 – Lapsus Dei: Dibujando mi Karma

2003 – Lapsus Dei: When a Dead Cries for his Soul

2006 – Lapsus Dei: Beyond the Truth

2010 – Lapsus Dei: In Our Sacred Places

2013 – Lapsus Dei: Sadness Reflections

2013 – Delirium Projekt: From Natural Waves

2014 – Animvs Mortis: Testimonia

2015 – Lapsus Dei: In Our Sacred Places (new version) - CD&DVD

2016 - Vinyl 10´- Lapsus Dei (Chile) / Officium Triste (Holland)

Coming soon: Lapsus Dei – 2015, double album: “Regrets” + live dvd




Rodrigo Poblete uses RP111 Power Brights strings by Thomastik-Infeld Vienna